Apple’s mixed reality headset could arrive in different styles and price points

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Apple’s mixed reality headset could arrive in different styles and price points

The lead-up to Apple’s June WWDC event was filled with rumors and speculation. Perhaps the most exciting out of the bunch was the possibility that Apple would finally give a glimpse of its mixed reality headset. Sadly, that didn’t happen during the developer event. Instead, it was later reported that the meeting was behind closed doors with exclusive attendance by Apple’s top brass. Although we know it is coming, the details about it have been extremely scarce so far. Luckily, we finally get a little more in terms of details about the device thanks to a trusted and reliable source.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the first Apple mixed reality headset will arrive in 2023. The headset will feature a 3P pancake lens which will dictate the device’s visual experience and design. The design has been rumored to be relatively compact. Kuo states that Apple will release a second-generation mixed reality headset in the next two years. Apple may offer more than one headset, coming in at different price points, aiming to capture as much market share as possible. Apple could ship 10 million units by 2025 / 2026.

Will Apple compromise?

Regarding other specifications, the current test model is powered by Apple’s M1 chip. Of course, this could change by its release in 2023. Although Apple’s mixed reality headset will create quite the frenzy, one thing might hold it back from being a popular seller. Kuo has reported that Apple’s first mixed reality headset will be aimed at professionals. Because of this, the price point will also be in the “pro” territory, with speculation that it could come in at $3,000. Naturally, this is quite a bit of money, and while some consumers might not hesitate to purchase it, others certainly will.

Thankfully, as stated above, there should be cheaper options available with the second generation release of Apple’s mixed reality headset.

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