Apple’s cheapest iPhone 16 might still get the most powerful new AI features

Chris Smith


iPhone 16

I said back in November that I'd buy an iPhone 16 Pro Max if that's what is needed to get the best possible Apple AI experience on the iPhone. Rumors from Korea said at the time that Siri would get a big upgrade in iOS 18. Siri is expected to become the "ultimate virtual assistant" and the "killer AI app for accessibility across Apple's vast array of devices."

With less than two weeks until WWDC 2024, a new leak echoes those early rumors and details Apple's AI features for iOS 18. Siri might indeed get an AI overhaul in iOS 18. Siri will even let you control apps on the iPhone in ways that aren't possible right now.

The virtual assistant will supposedly let you move files around, send and delete emails, edit photos, share content, and even summarize an article — all by voice. Nothing similar exists on Android, either. But Google will probably do the same thing with a Gemini-powered Assistant on its mobile operating system.

I think these Siri AI capabilities will do wonders for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Vision Pro. If voice control becomes a thing, multitasking on Apple devices might reach a whole new dimension.

Siri features like these would be enough to warrant an iPhone upgrade this fall. And if a new tidbit from Mark Gurman is accurate, you won't necessarily have to go Pro when you buy an iPhone 16 this year.

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