Apple Watch X to Launch With a Major Design Overhaul Next Year, Featuring a Slimmer Casing and Magnetic Bands

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Apple Watch X to Launch With a Major Design Overhaul Next Year, Featuring a Slimmer Casing and Magnetic Bands

Apple will host its special event to announce the new iPhone 15 lineup and Apple Watch Series 9 in the first half of September. While the iPhone 15 is rumored to come with its fair share of improvements, the Apple Watch Series 9 will feature the same design as the Series 8. It is now being reported that the company is planning a radical design change for next year's Apple Watch X, similar to how the company introduced the iPhone X at its tenth anniversary.

Next year's Apple Watch X is expected to undergo a major redesign with a slimmer casing and a new magnetic band system

The Apple Watch X will undergo the same treatment as the iPhone X in terms of design change per launch scheme. The iPhone X was a very futuristic device in its time with minimal bezels and Face ID housed in the notch. It radically shifted to an all-screen design from a gigantic forehead and chin on the iPhone 7 series. While the company could slim down the bezels on the Apple Watch X, the chassis of the wearable will be redesigned with a slimmer form factor.

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg notes in his latest Power On newsletter that Apple will launch the Apple Watch X next year with a major redesign, marking the tenth anniversary of the product line. The company is working on a thinner casing for the Apple Watch X. What this means is that the wearable will feature a thinner overall profile compared to the current model and the forthcoming Apple Watch Series 9.

Other than this, Gurman's sources state that the company is also working on a new magnetic band connecting system. The company is potentially moving to a new system as the current slide and lock mechanism takes up a lot of space. This space could be utilized in favor of a bigger battery or additional components with dedicated use cases.

Apple Watch X design and magnetic band features

What we understand from the system is that you will no longer have to slide the band to lock it with the wearable. Instead, the company could place magnets inside the Apple Watch itself, similar to how the company introduced MagSafe on the iPhone. These magnets could be connected to the magnets in the rumored bands, allowing a seamless connection that does not require sliding maneuvers.

Gurman notes that he is not clear if the company would announce the Apple Watch X next year or in 2025. This is because the company announced the original Apple Watch in 2014 and released it in 2015, However, since it was the first-gen product, the company could have needed time for software development. Henceforth, we suspect that the Apple Watch X will be announced next year.

If the company is looking at a 2025 launch for the Apple Watch X, it could incorporate a microLED display which is rumored to be introduced with a model of the Apple Watch. As mentioned earlier, the Apple Watch Series 9 will feature the same external design as the Series 8 but will encompass a new S9 chip based on A15 Bionic.

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