Apple Vision Pro’s Official Battery Name Found In tvOS 17 Beta 5 Code, Will Be Called ‘Magic Battery’

Omar Sohail


Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro announcement revealed that the AR headset would rely on an external battery puck to receive power, though there is also an option to plug the device into a power outlet to use it indefinitely. Now, thanks to the latest code found in tvOS 17 beta 5, this accessory actually has a name, and in true Apple-naming fashion, it is called the ‘Magic Battery.’

Originally, the Apple Vision Pro’s battery puck was supposed to be called ‘MagSafe Battery Pack’

On @aaronp613’s post, the official’ Magic Battery’ name belonging to the Apple Vision Pro accessory originally had a different name: ‘MagSafe Battery Pack.’ However, seeing as how the puck does not possess any properties of Apple’s ‘MagSafe’ lineup of products, it likely removed the name. In an earlier leak, the charging cable of the Apple Vision Pro allegedly leaked but revealed no MagSafe magnetic connector, or a USB-C input, further cementing that it made little sense for Apple to use the ‘‘agSafe’ term for the battery.

Irrespective of the name’ Magic Battery,’ as Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman points out, there’s nothing magical about the actual capacity because the Apple Vision Pro can only last for two hours on a single charge with the accessory connected to it. We later found that the battery is just a 6,500mAh cell, and in an attempt to keep the weight of the entire setup down, Apple had to sacrifice the total runtime.

Looks like the Vision Pro battery has a new name.

It will be called "Magic Battery" as per tvOS 17 beta 5 code.

It was previously referred to as "MagSafe Battery Pack"

— Aaron (@aaronp613) August 9, 2023

There is no update on whether the Apple Vision Pro’s Magic Battery can be swapped out for another unit to get some extra runtime. However, since this is a first-generation product, expect the device’s successors to offer significantly improved battery life while being affordable. Also, given Apple’s propensity to create an entire ecosystem by just selling accessories, it is possible that the company offers battery replacements for a sizable fee.

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