Apple Vision Pro Charging Cable Shows Up On Third-Party Online Retailers For $85 Apiece And Does Not Use A USB-C Port

Omar Sohail


Apple Vision Pro Charging Cable Shows Up On Third-Party Online Retailers For $85 Apiece And Does Not Use A USB-C Port

The Apple Vision Pro is still months away from officially going on sale, and third-party sellers have already started offering the charging cable to potential buyers. However, at $85 apiece, the asking price is quite steep, especially for an accessory that offers just a braided sleeve. One interesting thing we noticed was an individual pointing out that one of the ends does not use a USB-C interface.

Apple Vision Pro charging cable could use a proprietary port to top up the battery

The only time we ever saw the charging cable was when the circular port was connected to the Apple Vision Pro, with the other end connected to the battery. Since the battery puck was never shown to be disconnected in the press images, it was impossible for us to determine if Apple was using a USB-C port or a proprietary connector. Sadly, according to the images shared by Kosutami, the technology giant may generate additional revenue by charging its partners a royalty to manufacture cables and other accessories while using the unique port.

Also, if you focus on the images, the circular port is clearly visible, but not the other end, and this might have been done intentionally as Apple can initiate a crackdown against those leaking critically valuable information such as this, especially when the Vision Pro is yet to release officially. The LED indicator is also present on the charging cable. Since it can be assumed that the other connector is proprietary, our earlier thoughts on Apple forcing consumers to pay more than the $3,499 sum for the AR headset have started to pick up steam.

Apple Vision Pro charging cable

Apple Vision Pro charging cable

Previously, we reported that Apple Vision Pro users who wear glasses would have to pay up to $600 for prescription lenses, and there is the possibility of being charged extra to purchase a larger headband. Looking at the battery pack, one would assume that its small size would not garner ample runtime. According to one rumor, each puck features a meager 6,500mAh capacity, hence the abysmal 2-hour endurance on a single charge. It is likely that Apple will charge extra for selling these battery pucks separately, so the grand total might be higher than what consumers would be willing to pay.

AVP Charge Cable found on Huaqiang stock by 85$..🧐#Apple #appleinternal

— Kosutami (@KosutamiSan) June 11, 2023

On top of that, if you damage the charging cable or misplace it, you will have to fork over $85, which is, again, ludicrous, but if you are paying $3,499 for the Apple Vision Pro, you might as well spend a little more on that charging accessory.

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