Apple Vision Pro 2 could launch sooner than we all expected

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With Apple Vision Pro available in the US for over two weeks now, several customers decided spending $3,500 on this spatial computer was not worth it. Still, almost all of them could probably buy a second generation once Apple unveils it.

So far, we had two types of rumors: One saying Apple was readying a second-generation by 2027 and another that mentioned a possible "Apple Vision" release by 2025. With the first spatial computer by Apple now available, let's revisit the latest rumors – and why Apple Vision Pro 2 could come sooner than later.

Apple Vision Pro 2: Will this spatial computer be released in 2025 or 2027?

Apple Vision Pro with protective cover.Image source: Jonathan S. Geller

The Elec, Omdia, and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo all expect Apple to wait until 2027 to release Vision Pro 2. Although supply chain strains are the most likely reason, the Korean outlet and the research firm believe Apple wants to upgrade the WOLED display to an RGB OLEDoS panel while making it brighter.

In addition, Kuo previously said that Apple was preparing a cheaper version to release in 2025. Still, due to the challenges of manufacturing Vision Pro, Cupertino likely canceled these plans to focus on a second generation instead.

Fortunately, MacRumors then shared new details about Apple Vision Pro 2. According to the publication, this new headset “bears striking resemblance to the first-generation Vision Pro.” It’ll feature the same curved aesthetics and button placement as the original device, but the speaker will have a new home. MacRumors also claims that the device is known internally as Project Alaska and device identifier N109.

Sources say that early designs of the new headset do not include the rounded areas that house the speakers on the current model. Instead, Apple has placed “temples that are flat and uniform throughout their entire length” on the headset.

Disney+ running on the Apple Vision ProImage source: Disney

With that said, the publication believes this device could be ready for a release by the end of 2025 or early 2026, similar to what Bloomberg's Mark Gurman said in his Power On newsletter this weekend. He said, "Apple Inc. is probably at least 18 months away from launching a second-generation Vision Pro."

Although he believes this may be a long time for some people to wait, this is a similar timeframe to other Apple products, such as high-end MacBook Pro and iPad Pro models. In addition, if Apple lengths this device's release, users could see more benefits when upgrading from one generation to the other.

Apple needs Vision Pro to stay relevant until a second-generation releases

While a second generation might not be enough to address all issues with the first model, the company must improve visionOS to maintain this spatial computer relevant. Besides bug fixes, Apple will need to improve how users interact with a Mac and this device, more immersive experiences, support for more first-party and third-party apps, etc.

Fortunately, visionOS 2.0 will likely be previewed during WWDC 2024, in which Apple will announce several changes and new functions coming to Apple Vision Pro later this year.

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