Apple rumoured to be readying a mini-LED monitor for 2023

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Apple rumoured to be readying a mini-LED monitor for 2023

Apple is rumoured to be readying a new external display for early 2023, which is expected to sit in between its two current monitors - the $1,599/£1,499 Studio Display and the $4,999/£4,599 Pro Display XDR.

While full details are yet to be confirmed, rumours suggest it could be Apple’s first monitor to feature a mini-LED panel. The technology has already been used elsewhere in Apple’s line up - namely 2021’s 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models - and Display Supply Chain Consultant (DSCC) analyst Ross Young has suggested the next logical step for the company to introduce the tech to its monitor range.

The use of mini-LED in this type of product makes sense, as the improved contrast and black levels the technology offers would be a big step forward for anyone working with HDR content. 

Its appearance in the range would also offer better consistency when working across different Apple products, as would the rumoured inclusion of ProMotion support, that already exists on iPad Pro and MacBook Pro. This allows for a variable refresh rate to 120Hz, making the monitor gaming friendly, too.

As for size, it’s expected to be a 27-inch display - the same size as the Studio Display - and a go-to panel size for Apple for some time. Creative pros who require a larger monitor will still be directed towards the Pro Display XDR, but matching the Studio Display’s size is rumoured as it suits the widest range of people. 

However, this also gives a hint to the fact we can expect additional features, due to the rumoured higher price on the new display. 

Extra Thunderbolt ports are a possibility, which opens up the option to daisy chain a number of them together - something that is currently not possible with the Studio Display due to its single Thunderbolt port.

Bloomburg’s Mark Gurman is also suggesting that the new monitor will be powered by Apple’s A13 Bionic silicone chip - matching the chip in the Studio Display. This will allow the monitor to run iOS and offer features such as Center Stage that are processed on-device, and although it is a couple of years old now, a more powerful chip would offer limited benefits for this kind of device.

The launch date for the new monitor has been rumoured to be in the first quarter of 2023, between January and March, and will apparently be unveiled alongside new MacBook Pro models. 

However, bear in mind this will be the third punt at predicting its launch. Ross Young first expected it to be unveiled at WWDC in June, but design issues apparently pushed its launch to October. As we now know, that October date came and went without a whisper too, apparently due to supply constraints - it remains to be seen if its third time lucky on these rumours. As always, we’ll keep you updated with anything we hear.

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