Analogue Pocket will soon let you save Game Boy Camera photos to an SD card

Jon Porter

The Verge

The Analogue Pocket. | Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

The Analogue Pocket, a modern handheld console that can play old Game Boy cartridges, already supports Nintendo’s classic 1998 Game Boy Camera accessory. But with an upcoming firmware update, Gizmodo reports that you’ll be able to actually do something with the low-resolution, grayscale, and yet utterly cool photographs it takes. Namely: transfer them to a microSD card.

Since the Game Boy Camera cartridge itself only stores 30 photos, it’s important to have a way to export them if you don’t want to constantly curate your collection. Back in the day, Nintendo’s official solution was a small thermal printer accessory called the Game Boy Printer which could attach to the handheld via its link port. But given its reliance on proprietary 38mm...

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