Amazon will reportedly release its own TVs in the US this year

Mariella Moon


Amazon will reportedly release its own TVs in the US this year

If you shop for electronics on Cyber Monday this year, your options might include Amazon-branded TVs. According to Insider, the e-commerce giant is planning to launch its own TVs in the US as soon as October, just in time for the holiday shopping season. The project has reportedly been in development for almost two years by teams from Amazon Devices and Lab126, the R&D division responsible for designing the company's products that include the Kindle and the Echo speakers. 

Insider says, however, that the models expected to be launched in October were designed and manufactured by third parties like TCL. Amazon's in-house team is apparently working on a separate TV, though it's unclear if that will also be released in the US in the coming months. As for the third-party-made TVs, Insider says they're going to be powered by Alexa, as you'd expect from Amazon-branded hardware. The publication didn't say, however, if they will also run the company's Fire TV software.

Amazon already sells TVs running Fire TV, but they still carry their manufacturers' brands. These upcoming TVs will have Amazon branding even if they're made by third-party companies, similar to the AmazonBasics TVs the e-commerce giant sells in India. If you'll recall, the company released a 55-inch and a 50-inch model under the AmazonBasics brand in the country last year. The models planned for a US release will reportedly be in the range of 55 to 75 inches, though we'll have to wait for more information to find out whether they're also lower-cost models like the TVs released in India.

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