Amazon updates Echo Frames to make it easier to save battery and make calls

Jon Porter

The Verge

The existing tortoiseshell color is also getting new lens options, like sunglass. | Image: Amazon

Amazon’s Echo Frames, the Alexa-enabled eyeglasses equipped with tiny speakers and microphones, are getting updated with new quality-of-life features like an automatic power-saving sleep mode and a shortcut to quickly phone a contact of your choosing.

There are also new gray and blue colors releasing November 10th for $249.99 which, along with the existing tortoiseshell frames, will be available with new lens options for polarized sunglass and blue-light filters for $269.99. These lens options launched earlier this year, but until now they’ve only been available with the black frame option.

The new sleep mode could be particularly helpful given one of our key concerns when we reviewed the Echo Frames last year was their middling battery...

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