Amazon may jump into live audio with a focus on music

Jon Fingas


Amazon may jump into live audio with a focus on music

Amazon may be the next to hop on the live audio bandwagon, although its take might not be what you'd expect. Axiossources claim Amazon is developing a live audio offering that would focus on music, including concerts and other events — more like Spotify than Clubhouse. The company is reportedly considering podcasts and talk radio as extensions, but Amazon Music would lead the project.

The internet giant also hopes to build live audio into Twitch. The sources didn't say how or when this might arrive.

We've asked Amazon for comment on the rumors. It wouldn't be surprising if Amazon leapt into the live audio space, at least. Amazon recently integrated Twitch streams into the Music app, and the firm's acquisition of podcast subscription business Wondery in 2020 signalled an intent to dive further into audio. There's also the simple matter of competition. Spotify, Twitter Spaces and Facebook's audio rooms could all pose a threat, even if Clubhouse doesn't. This would at least give Amazon a foothold before others dominate the category.

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