Amazon is killing its interactive Glow video device for kids

Mariella Moon


Amazon is killing its interactive Glow video device for kids

It has only been a year since Amazon launched Glow, its kid-focused video calling device that can also be used for interactive gaming. Now according to Bloomberg, Amazon is already discontinuing it, most likely due to lackluster sales. As the publication notes, Glow, while highly rated on Amazon, only has a bit over 500 reviews on the website. 

Another possible reason why the company is giving up on the device is a change in people's behavior. Glow was created so kids could stay in touch with and play with relatives they don't live with or regularly see. Now that people have gone back to their pre-pandemic routines, there's even less of a demand for a specialized video calling device. 

Amazon spokesperson Kristy Schmidt confirmed to Bloomberg that the company is killing the device. They said:

"At Amazon we think big, experiment, and invest in new ideas to delight customers. We also continually evaluate the progress and potential of our products to deliver customer value, and we regularly make adjustments based on those assessments. We will be sharing updates and guidance with Glow customers soon."

Glow was a product of Amazon's secretive Grand Challenge moonshot laboratory, which works on experimental projects, such as those involving cancer and last-mile delivery. It has a projector that beams games onto a 19-inch mat, and kids can interact with the projected image to play with their loved ones even from afar. The device comes with Tangram Bits, which are physical pieces kids can use to solve puzzles. It also comes with a free year-long subscription to Amazon Kids+ that's necessary to be able to access its games, books and other activities. After that ends, users will have to pay $8 per month for the subscription, or $5 if they're a Prime member. 

Only those who already have a Glow will have to worry about future costs associated with the subscription, though. Amazon listed the device for 55 percent off, or $150, a few days ago, but now it doesn't seem to be available for purchase anymore.

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