Amazon Introduces New Halo View Health Tracker and Other Fitness Tools

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New Halo View tracker and app


Amazon is continuing to grow its fitness-centric Halo brand. The company recently announced a new health tracker, a new workout service, and a nutrition tool. The tracker also comes bundled with a one-year Halo membership, just in time for the holidays.

The tracker and other two services are aiming to help you stay healthy and in shape. Together, they will make it easy for you to discover new workouts, sleep resources, nutrition programs, mindfulness exercises, and meditations. You’ll also be able to measure your body fat, stay informed with the latest physical activity guidelines from the American Heart Association, assess and improve your movement health, and ask Alexa for updates on their health and wellness information.

“Customers tell us Halo is having a meaningful impact on their lives, offering important insights and tools they need to meet their health goals,” stated Amazon Halo VP Melissa Cha. “We’re excited to add even more to Halo, with new experiences to help members work out and nourish their bodies, plus Halo View—a fitness tracker that adds a display, lowers the price, and comes bundled with a full year of Halo membership for just $79.99. These new additions are a significant step forward in our mission to offer a great value service that’s always getting better, and enable customers to better understand their health.”

Halo View

Amazon Halo View different color bands


Halo View is the company’s new health tracker-slash-fitness band. With it, you can instantly connect to dozens of health metrics and stay motivated and on track throughout your day. It’s available with a variety of colorful bands and it rocks a vibrant color AMOLED display with haptic feedback. 

The band can track things like blood oxygen levels, live workouts, sleep scores, activity, as well as text and move notifications. It has a sleek design and multiple sensors that’ll provide you with accurate Halo health insights all day. It’s lightweight and swim-proof, features up to seven days of battery life, and fully charge in less than 90 minutes. 

The tracker comes bundled with a year membership to Halo for just $79.99. You can choose one of the 15 colors of Sports bands for $14.99 a pop, or opt for a leather band for $29.99. Amazon has yet to announced an official release date for it, but you can sign up here to be notified when it becomes available.

Halo Fitness

Two people working out with Halo Fitness wearing Halo View bands


The Halo Fitness service offers hundreds of exclusive studio-quality workouts spanning a variety of fitness levels, all of which are led by expert coaches like Elena Cheung, Michael Hildebrand, Elizabeth Andrews, physical therapist Dr. Jen Fraboni, and specialist in bodyweight and mobility training Francheska Martinez.

You’ll be able to choose from cardio, strength, yoga, outdoor, and mobility classes, with newer classes rolling out regularly. You can also pair Amazon’s new Halo Fitness service with your new Halo View fitness tracker to see real-time optimized fitness metric data, like your heart rate and intensity zone.

Halo Nutrition

Halo Nutrition app open in kitchen next to vegetables and flatbread


Looking to improve your nutrition knowledge? Halo Nutrition is here to help. The tool will help support you in your efforts to build healthy eating habits, plan out a week of healthy meals, and customize your experience based on allergies, diet type, and other preferences. You can also add all the groceries you’ll need to your Alexa shopping list, keeping things streamlined.

Altogether, Halo View, Halo Fitness, and Halo Nutrition are new options for monitoring your health, exercise, and nutrition from one central place. But it’s a lot of information you’ll be sharing here so, understandably, privacy is an issue. Amazon says it has built multiple layers of privacy and security into Halo hardware and services to keep your data safe. Your Halo health data is encrypted in transit and at rest in the cloud; you can download or delete this information at any time from the Halo app. You can even enable a PIN on your device for further protection.

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