Amazon announces new Ring Alarm Pro featuring eero Wi-Fi, optional monthly security service, more

Alex Allegro


Amazon today announced new a lineup of Ring devices all designed around “making neighbourhoods safer”. 

First up, Amazon is opening up the invite list for the Ring Always Home Cam, which in case you’re unfamiliar is the flying drone home camera the company announced earlier this year. 

In terms of new products, Amazon is announcing the Ring Alarm Pro with eero built-in. It’s all-new home security system, and features alarm and motion detection, reliable Wi-Fi with 24/7 internet backups, and an “advanced processor” which’ll enable Ring Edge. 

If you’d like to make things even more secure, you can backup everything with an SD card stored directly on the device. 

It’s available today for pre-order for $249.99.

Alongside it, Amazon is also introducing Ring Job Site Security for $399, which acts similarly to the company’s other home security systems but in a more work-site appropriate bright orange can be set up with 4G since outdoor worksites may not have Wi-Fi available, and is completely waterproof. 

And finally, Amazon is announcing a new Ring Virtual Security Guard, a $99 per month service that’ll offer dedicated team members to monitor your home. If a security sensor is tripped, a representative can tap into your home system and make sure you’re okay, dubbed Rapid Response. If you or your home looks like it needs further assistance, someone will be on their way to help. 


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