Amazon announces new Echo Show 15, designed to be mounted on your wall

Alex Allegro


Amazon today announced a new Echo Show 15 at their annual hardware event. The device has a 15.6-inch display and a camera, and is designed to be mounted on a wall or propped up semi-permanently on a stand. 

Alongside it, Amazon is creating new Alexa-style widgets which users can customise all-across the new expansive display, such as sticky notes, live video picture-in-picture via Netflix, Prime, or Sling, weather, and more. 

It’ll support native 1080p HD video playback, and when you aren’t using the device, the Echo 15 will swivel through a screensaver slideshow of all your favorite images. The device works in both portrait or landscape, but based on all the marketing imagry, it's clear Amazon is hoping you mount it horizonally like a television rather than an upright tablet.  

Its design is similar to Samsung’s The Frame TV, which is physically built with a picture frame surrounding the screen, which turns the typically high-tech bezel into a more paper-like photo frame mat. 

Perhaps one of the most interesting features is something called Visual ID, where the device can be trained to recognise who’s standing in front of the screen and alternate the content shown specifically for them. This will be great for large family homes with multiple users. However, the feature is optional, so if you're interested in your family making use of it, you'll need to manually enroll rather being something that just occurs automatically.

The device is utilising a new custom Amazon-made AZ2 quad-core chipset, which should help make the device feel snappier than any other Amazon device before.   

Also being introduced is something dubbed custom sound detection, so you can teach Alexa to learn the sounds of your home and react accordingly. 

The Echo Show 15 will launch for $249.99 later this year.

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