Alienware’s newest monitor features a 34-inch curved OLED from Samsung

Cameron Faulkner

The Verge

Alienware QD OLED gaming monitor


Alienware has an exciting new gaming monitor that’ll release in late March 2022. It has plenty of specs that gamers care about, but I’d be remiss not to mention any closer to the top of this post that it features a 34-inch Quantum Dot OLED panel manufactured by Samsung. LG Display has traditionally been the supplier of larger OLED panels (especially in TVs), so hopefully, Alienware’s gaming monitor is the first of many more big OLEDs to come out of Samsung, which has usually stuck with the smaller OLEDs found in tablets and phones.

The QD-OLED monitor, as it’s called, seems like a great PC gaming companion, marrying the immersion of a curved display with the unbeatable colors and fast response time that only an OLED can produce. The...

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