Alienware’s New Aurora Desktop Is Pretty Dang Cool (Literally)

Andrew Heinzman

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The Alienware Aurora desktop PC.


Alienware’s original Aurora desktop kicked off the liquid-cooling movement all the way back in 2004. And now, to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary, Alienware is releasing a new Aurora desktop that pushes cooling systems even further.

The all-new Alienware Aurora is more powerful, efficient, and quiet than previous releases. This is thanks to a new open-air design that, from my perspective, looks more “alien” than anything the Alienware brand has ever produced. Without increasing the Aurora’s footprint, Alienware has managed to decrease CPU temperature by 3%, increase NVIDIA GPU performance by 5%, and decrease fan volume by 16% while idling.

The Alienware Aurora desktop PC with a monitor and keyboard.


Design-wise, the new Aurora desktop sports eight customizable lighting zones and comes with a white or black case. A cable routing system helps hide all of the motherboard’s cables, even if you upgrade or repair components. And for the eSports crowd, Alienware offers a magnetic back panel to hide the Aurora’s power and USB cables. (Viewers watching eSports competitions tend to only see the backs of PCs.)

Alienware hasn’t announced the new Aurora desktop’s specs, though we expect the company to offer it with 11th gen Intel Core processors and the latest NVIDIA GPUs. Pricing and availability are also a mystery at this time. If you’re in a rush to buy an Aurora desktop, grab the Aurora R12, which runs on current-gen hardware but lacks the new Aurora’s open-air cooling design.

Source: Dell

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