AirConsole and BMW Showcase their In-Car Gaming Experience at Gamescom



AirConsole and BMW

Following last October's partnership announcement with BMW Group, AirConsole will now be showcasing their casual gaming platform in a vehicle. AirConsole and the BMW Group have announced a joint appearance for the forthcoming Gamescom Event in Cologne, set for August 23-27.

Both companies invite participants to the AirConsole booth where the in-car gaming system can be experienced firsthand inside the new BMW i5. Attendees have the unique opportunity to sit in the i5 and test out the games, engaging in an innovative multiplayer gaming environment. "10 months after expressing our ambitions to become a standard for casual gaming in the automotive world, the AirConsole team is extremely proud to showcase our new in-car gaming product with the BMW Group." remarked Anthony Cliquot, CEO of AirConsole. "With the BMW Group we are looking forward to taking you for an in-car experience you won't forget."

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