A new Pixel 6a unboxing gives us a good look a Google's next phone

Chris Hall


A new Pixel 6a unboxing gives us a good look a Google's next phone

Google announced the Pixel 6a during Google I/O in May, but it's still not due to be with us until July. In the meantime, the internet is filling in the gaps with a number of leaks, this time coming in the form of an unboxing video.

This time it comes from Fazil Halim, showing us around a Malaysian sample of the phone and for a budget phone, we have to say to looks good in the flesh.

The video is in Malay, but the best thing is probably just to watch and take in what you're being shown - and there's enough English to just about follow along, especially when it comes to commenting on 18W not really being fast charging.

There's a comparison to the Pixel 6 Pro so you can get a feeling for the size of this new phone and while we know all about this phone already from Google's official announcement, it's nice to see this phone in the flesh and get a better feeling for what it looks like.

The Google Pixel 6a is going to cost $449 / £399 / €459 when it launches in July it will offer a 6.1-inch 60Hz display, will come with a Google Tensor chip, and a pair of 12-megapixel rear cameras.

It's designed to be a more affordable take on the Pixel and in the past has proven a popular model as it gives access to that Pixel camera without the cost.

So, while we all wait for this phone to launch, enjoy the video and Halim's candid comments.

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