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Jeroen den Otter

A laptop stand is one of my favorite accessories when it comes to a desk setup. Not only it’s an accessory, I would more call it, an upgrade to your setup. It’s an extension to your laptop to make more ergonomic and usable with an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Different types of stands offer different types of functionality. While the majority is focused on ergonomics by keeping the laptop higher to reduce the stress on your neck, some are also focused on saving space on your desk and keeping it tidy and clean. Both types work perfectly well and make a lot of difference when start using.

With the market flooded with laptop stands, we created a list of the best quality for the price.

Lamicall Adjustable Laptop Stand

Adjustable stand does what fixed stands can't do. It lets you set your MacBook or Laptop from a few inches, up to a 8.1 inches off your desk, which makes it ergonomically perfect for machines and users of all sizes.

Twelve South Curve for Macbooks and Laptops

Curve is an elegant aluminium stand with a matte finish and ergonomic design, the ultimate partnership of style and functionality. Use your laptop on Curve for a more comfortable desktop with your favorite external keyboard/mouse and and external display to create a perfect dual-screen setup.

Nulaxy C1: Adjustable Height Laptop Stand

Nulaxy C1 laptop stand can raise notebook screen height to eye level for better ergonomics (3.15-10.6 inches), it is a perfect desk partner to get rid of the bad posture while using laptop.

Nuov Wooden Vertical Laptop Stand

The stand is mainly made of European beech, and each surface is manually polished and painted to show the unique texture of the wood. Solidly built and suitable for a range of laptops thanks to the adjustable width functionality.

Twelve South BookArc

Twelve South Book Arc for Macbook

Removing the clutter and tidying up your desk is not an easy task sometimes, but the BookArc laptop stand by Twelve South will help you in that, and in style. The company maker of this stand is very well known in the Apple community, as they make perfectly matching products for Macs, iPhones, and iPad, this laptop stand is no exception. It’s a beautiful stand that fits perfectly well with your MacBook. Build from solid aluminum it will save space and will enable you to work comfortably from a clamshell mode.

Available in Space Grey and Silver.

Lamicall Adjustable Laptop Stand

Twelve South Hirise

The Lamicall Adjustable stand makes a laptop stand even more comfortable and ergonomic. It’s universally designed for all kinds of laptops and MacBooks by having an adjustable functionality which gives the user a choice of adapting the height from 5.7-inch to 8.1-inch height but that’s not all. They went even further and implemented 360 degrees rotation and a view of angle from 45° to 180°, while a high-quality silicone pad will prevent your laptop from scratching and slipping.

Twelve South Curve

Twelve South Curve for Macbook and Laptops

The Curve stand by Twelve South is another quality build laptop stand. Offering more ergonomics by raising the laptop 6 inches higher off the desk to relieve neck and shoulder strain. An interesting design choice of the Curve stand makes better the air-flow under the laptop, keeping 70% of the base exposed for optimal cooling. Ideal if using very often the laptop in heavy computational activities.

Available in Matte Black and White.

Nulaxy C1: Adjustable Height Laptop Stand

Nulaxy Adjustable Height Laptop Stand

The Nulaxi C1 laptop stand is a cool looking and very functional stand, something power users with cool desktops will love. Made from durable aluminum, this laptop stand offers both height and inclination angle adjustments, extremely useful for long hours of work. On top of all that it also offers a good level of security when holding your laptop by having 2 rubber pads and a front lip, with this in place your laptop is going nowhere.

Available in Space Grey and Silver

Nuov vertical laptop stand

Nuov Vertical Laptop Stand

The Nuov vertical stand is a beautiful piece of accessory for your desktop. Made of European beech, and each surface is manually polished and painted to show the unique texture of the wood which will definitely give a unique look to your desktop. But besides being a beautiful object, it’s also very functional. It has a knob on the bottom, which enables you to adjust the width of the opening for your laptop, thus letting you fit perfectly any laptop.

AmazonBasic portable laptop stand

Amazonbasics Aluminium Portable Laptop Stand

Not every stand has to be big and heavy, so AmazonBasic just made an aluminum, portable and foldable laptop stand. Easy to carry around at home and work, while being strong thanks to the durable lightweight aluminum with non-slip rubber pads. Besides being portable and compact in size it also gives your laptop a great air-flow to help ventilate and cool your machine. All that at an affordable price.

Available in Black and Silver


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