5 Best Monitor Arms for Single Monitor Setups of 2021

Upgrade your setup by improving the comfort and ergonomics with these 5 monitor arms.

Monitor mounted on a monitor arm
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When it comes to ergonomics many monitors fail in that task. The problem is that the original stands you get in the box with your monitor have usually a very limited range of motion, and you end up dragging the monitor closer or putting it on top of books to increase the height. Not to mention rotating or inlining.

With that in mind, many power users end up upgrading their setups with ergonomic monitor arms, the solution is pretty simple, attach the monitor to the monitor arm using the VESA mount, and freely move it around the desk in any direction and any angle.

We can list a few of the main advantages of using a monitor arm.

  1. By having the ability to easily adjust the distance of the monitor, you can better adapt the monitor distance to your eyesight by moving closer or further. So if you lean back on your chair just pull closer your monitor instead of stressing your eyes and neck.
  2. Improving your posture is another big reason for owning a monitor arm because it gives you a greater height range. That means keeping the monitor always on the height of your eyes, and that automatically reflects in your shoulders and back proper alignment, putting less stress on your back and prevent future back pains.
  3. It creates more usable space on your desk, less clutter, and more space.
  4. Makes easier rotation for showing something.
  5. They are reusable for every next monitor you buy with VESA mount.

As you can see there are many important advantages, but buying one is not easy, the market is flooded with low-quality monitor arms which are hard to move and which lose the position after some time.

So buying a quality monitor arm is crucial, here is the list of the best 5 monitor arms on the market.

1. AmazonBasics Premium Monitor Arm

This budget-friendly monitor arm by AmazonBasics really exceeded the expectations. Built with aluminum it can easily hold monitor up to 25lbs (11kg) and 32-inch size.

Arm extends and retracts, tilt to change reading angles, and rotate from landscape-to-portrait mode, tilt range 70° back and 5° forward. For programmers, it offers also a 360-degree rotation.

2. Ergotron LX

Ergotron made a solid presence on the market of quality monitor arms, and for a reason. Ergotron LX is one of these reasons. Made from polished aluminum, this durable monitor arm adds flexibility and comfort to your workspace.

It can fit a screen up to 34-inches and 25 pounds, add a 25.6-inch extension range, 360 degrees arm swing, 70 degrees tilt range, and 360 degrees rotation. These are professional-level features.

3. Humanscale M8.1

Humanscale M8.1 is a strong and solidly built monitor arm. Made from aluminum it can support from 6lbs (3kg) to 28lbs (13kg) and up to 2 monitors with optional crossbar support.

It also has some cool features like a built-in counterbalance indicator lets the installer counterbalance the monitor weight without a monitor, self-lubricating precision bearings for ease and longevity of use, rubber cable management, and some patent-pending tricks.

4. Ergotron HX

This heavy-duty monitor arm lets you easily reposition large screens for better comfort, enhanced productivity, and more desktop space. It can hold a monitor from 9lbs (4kg) to 42lbs (19kg) thus making it perfect for big screens up to 42-inches.

Being that strong doesn't mean it doesn't have some acrobatic skills, it offers 23.6 inches (60 cm) of extension and 11.5 inches (29 cm) of lift, up to 360-degree rotation and 75-degree tilt.

5. Humanscale M10

Humanscale M10 takes it to the next level, by bringing an even more sturdier monitor arm. Perfect heavy monitors to up 48lbs (22kg), or for up to 3 monitors with an optional crossbar.

Featuring innovations like Humanscale’s patented Weight-Compensating Spring Technology and Smart Stop functionality, M10 enables the personalization and flexibility needed for today’s evolving workplaces.


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