Linus Torvalds' Home Office [YouTube]

An insight in the home office of Linus Torvalds.

Linus Torvalds home office

When it comes to computer setups, there is one that always comes to my mind, the setup of Linus Torvalds in the famous YouTube video "Linus Torvalds Guided Tour of His Home Office". The video is from 2014 with almost 300k views, and his home office probably changed until now, but interestingly it gives a glimpse of how one of the most influential figures in the open-source community works.

One would have imagined multiple monitors connected together, with a bunch of computers, and everything perfectly organized. But that's not a case here, Linus getting done his work on a medium-sized Dell monitor set on a walking desk. I wasn't expecting to see a walking desk, they are very rare to be seen, but in theory, they are healthier than a standing desk that keeps you in a static position. If you already own a standing desk, you can add a walking pad to it like this one, and make it a walking desk. Aside from that everything else seems pretty normal, a clean productive space.

That is one side of the office, the other side of his office is a bit messy with a bunch of hardware stacked one on top of each other, which he admits it's probably best to burn.

I'd like to see the evolution of Linus's office, but if you don't know he is a very reserved person, so it will be hard. Anyway, if you haven't seen the video, here is the link and enjoy it.


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