Fighting the Summer 2022 Heat With These Cheap USB Fans

Working in these hot summer days may not seem easy, but these cheap USB fans can greatly reduce the heat and keep you cool.

Frederick Tubiermont

Working in these hot summer days without proper cooling can be very hard. Especially when under stress, pressure, or crowded spaces. Too hot or cold and your concentration will fall sharply and that is totally normal. Doing intellectual work in most cases requires some level of an adequate environment. While usually, the best solutions in summer days are air conditions, sometimes they may not do the job properly and you may need additional cooling, so we created a list of cheap USB fans that can really improve work concentration.

Arctic Breeze

Arctic Breeze is a little USB desktop fan is efficient and at the same time silent, which beside cooling is another strong factor in choosing the right fan. With 1700RPM and flexible neck it is ideal to point in any direction and at the set a proper distance. This is our most recommended product.


A more advanced and powerful USB fan is this Opolar fan. This fan is silent and can go up to 2400RPM.. if you want to, another great future of this fan is that you can regulate the speed to your requirements, choosing between 1800, 2100, and 2400RPMs. And it comes with a 4.9ft cable so you can manage the distance and tilt the fan. Available in 3 color combinations: Black+Blue, Black+White, and White+Purple, so you can adapt it to your office design.

Comlife Battery/USB Operated Fan

For the developers always on the go, this one is for you. This Comlife fan can be used both on a 2000mAh battery or USB cable, making it very versatile. It can last for 2-4 hours on battery depending on different speed modes and cool at astounding 3800 RPM. Charge it on a power bank and it's ready to roll.


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