10 Cable and Wire Management Solutions For Your Office

These quick and easy to install cable and wire management solutions will make your office more organized and productive.

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Keeping your office tidy and organized might seem like a tedious task over time, but when it comes to keeping the cables mess in order, it might seem even harder.

But these small changes can make a dramatic improvement, by eliminating the cable mess it will make your office look cleaner, more organized, and productive, and also it will make managing those cables much easier.

The best solution to reduce the cable mess is by going wireless whenever possible, many of today's PC accessories are wireless, like the mouse, keyboard, printer, headphones which can eliminate a good portion of cables on your desk. But there are still some components that still require a cable connection, like a power cord, monitor, USB cables, ethernet... etc. This is where the art of cable management kicks in.

Good cable management requires some organization and tools, the goal is simple, hide the cords and cables as much as possible, while also making them accessible and usable.

The easiest and cheapest solutions are listed below, which makes it straightforward for you to integrate them into your office quickly and efficiently.

1. Split Sleeving

This split sleeve is made by the Alex Tech company, a company specialized in cable management solutions and this product might just help you. Because of its robust characteristics, it can be used in almost any situation. It's ideal for unifying multiple cables into one, like the ones from the monitor.

2. Magnetic Cable Clips

These cable clips are well designed both aesthetically and functionally. Its magnetic function keeps your cables to stay where it should be, so it prevents dropping or a loose fit of the cable. Ideal for USB, or charging cables.

3. J Channel Cable Raceway Kit

This simple but yet useful organizer is a kit of J Channel with a strong adhesive tape roll, so mounting is quick and easy. It has a lot of storage space for up to 10 Power Cords or 16 Cat-5 Ethernet Cables.

4. Adhesive cable clips

The package contains 100 pieces of adhesive cable clips, which you can use virtually anywhere. They come where handy on the desk to prevent cables from falling down after unplugging.

5. Adhesive Desk Wire Holder

Beautiful and minimalistic design, simple to use, and very helpful. It comes in a pack of 4 pieces, 2 with 3 slots, and 2 with 5 slots. Easy to install and leaves no residue left when it's removed. Perfect for all the USB cables on the desk.

6. Cords Basket Under Desk

This under desk cable management rack has enough space to keep your ethernet wires, power cables, power strips, USB hubs from the computer desk. While avoiding trips and reducing dust accumulation, keep a neat and organized room.

7. Cable Organizer Box

This cable organizer box is ideal for containing the power strip and elegantly hiding the cables. It comes with 2 boxes, large 15.7" (L) x 5.8" (W) x 5.2" (H), fits 12 outlets and medium 12.5" (L) x 5.1" (W) x 5.0" (H), fits 6–8 outlets. Available in black and white.

8. Ghost Cable Ties

These ghost cable ties by the Sinjimoru company are the perfect cable holder made of silicone that keeps your cables and cords neatly tied together. They come in 3 different colors and 2 different sizes.

9. Wall Cord Hider

Streamlined design and neutral white color make wall cord covers great for any surroundings and walls. You can easily cut the channels to suit whatever length you need and paint to match your home decor for a perfect view.

10. Cable Zip Ties

These cable zip ties which come in 100 pieces and different colors are probably the most ancient and efficient solution when it comes to managing cables and wires. They are used everywhere, but then can help a lot even in the office, just bring the cables together and lock tight.


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