Best 4K Monitors on a Budget for 2021

Working on a 4K monitor makes a big difference in the quality of work and eyes health. So here is the list of the best 4K monitors on the market at an affordable price.

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Working on a 4K monitor, and working on a monitor with lower resolution usually makes a big difference. Having more pixels packed makes texts and images more clear to the human eye, which consequently makes less strain. This is very important in the long term, but also it's an ideal tool for professionals to produce a better quality works. So investing in a good monitor is always a good idea. But having a 4K monitor is usually correlated with having to spend a larget budget, well, we disagree with that. A few years ago that was true, since the technology was still in its infancy, but now in 2020 they are more affordable then ever. Here is a list of best monitors on the budget that you will definitely like.

Philips 276E8VJSB

Philips 276E8VJSB is one of the most affordable 4K monitors from the list and on the market. Other than being most affordable it's also one of the most sold 4K monitors, and for a good reason. It packs a flat IPS panel at 27-inch with the viewing angles at 178/178 degrees. Crips-clear image with vivid colors. Ideal for content creators and long-hours office works thanks to the flicker-free technology with low blue mode for easy-on-the-eyes productivity.

LG 27UL500-W

LG 27UL500-W is the ideal monitor for those who also enjoy gaming in free time. At a great price for value, it features an IPS LED panel with HDR 10 at a 27-inch size. 300cd brightness will ensure good viewing at bright light offices and lot's of space for multitasking meanwhile Radeon Free-Sync technology will boost your gaming experience. Available also with Adjustable Stand, VESA, HDR400 and USB Type-C and VESA, HDR400 and Adjustable Stand.

Monoprice 27inch CrystalPro

Monoprice got it right with this monitor for the general purpose and productivity. Sleek in design with the 27-inch size it packs 60Hz, DisplayHDR 400, 4K IPS panel, and VESA DisplayHDR 400. It ticks all the boxes for an affordable monitor and great product. Besides all that it has a height-adjustable stand for better ergonomics and for the more advanced users a 90 degree rotation.

BenQ PD2700U

BenQ PD2700U is a 27-inch 4K monitor targeting more content creators. This monitor has a lot to offer, from crystal-clear and wide-angle viewing to the eye-care technologies for the long hours of work. But mostly what differentiates it from the other is the IPS panel with AQCOLOR 100% sRGB and Rec. 709 color spaces, which means graphic designers will love it. DualView, ergonomic features, 5ms... are just some of the features from the long list this monitor has to offer.

LG 27UK850-W

LG 27UK850-W has earned a great reputation on the market thanks to the great design and features it has to offer. At 27-inch size and 4K IPS panel, it's boosting HDR 10, 60Hz refresh rate, 1000:1 contrast ratio, USB Type-C, sRGB 99%, AMD Free-sync.. just to name a few. This all-in-1 monitor is ideal content creators, occasional gamers, and multi-tasking works at a great price.

BenQ PD3200U

BenQ PD3200U is a general-purpose monitor for those whose work requires more space. 4K resolution at the whooping 32-inch means you'll never be in shortage of space. Crystal-clear image thanks to the IPS panel and a wide variety of color spaces such as Adobe RGB, sRGB, and Rec. 709. But another strong point is the productivity features it offers, from DualView technology for side-by-side viewing, Keyboard Video Mouse switch to display files, photos and videos form two different computers on a single screen, Eye-care technology for long hour works and ergonomic features like tilt, twist, turn which many may find ideal. All-around one of the best monitors at that size in an affordable price range. Available also for Windows and with Thunderbolt 3 for Mac.


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