10 Spotify Playlists for Programming and Focus for 2022

Finding the right music to focus better on work is not easy, so we are sharing 10 playlists from Spotify you can tune in right now and boost your workflow.

Programming with music
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When it comes to better focus in solving some hard problems, or just simply making more enjoyable writing code or doing some office work, very often you will find that music is your best friend to do that. Based on science, while working the music can get us in the right mood, and trigger the flow of ideas. The problem is, finding the right music is not easy. Not all music genres work the same way, so we are sharing 10 playlists from Spotify you can tune in right now and boost your workflow.

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1. Lofi Coders

Lofi Coders curated by 1337 Studios, composed of calm beats to get you calm and focused.


2. Coder Music

Coder Music curated by ilyaDev. A combiantion of ambient, synthwave, new age and cyberpunk.


3. Brain Food

Brain food curated by Spotify is probably one of the most followed playlists on Spotify for concentration. Hypnotic electronic for studies and relax.


4. Peacful Piano

Peaceful piano curated by Spotify, a beautiful collection of piano and classical songs.


5. Ambient Relaxation

Ambient relaxation curated by Spotify with a focus on ambient music. Relax and unwind.


6. Programming

Programming curated by Johan Brook, a collection of mixed genres with stronger beats.


7. Design / Build

Design / Build curated by manikrathee. Awesome playlist for energy.


8. Future Beats

Future beats curated by Hxrde Records. Melodic with strong basses.


9. Synthwave | Retro | 80s Vaporwave

Synthwave | Retro | 80s Vaporwave curated by Pascale. Best synth wave music with dark retrowave, cyberpunk and outrun songs.


10. Classical Essentials

Classical essentials curated by Spotify. A selection of the greatest classical tunes.



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