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If you are following our setups section where we post some really inspirational office setups from users from all around the world, you could notice how frequently you might see a setup with an ultrawide monitor like this one.

Well, there are many reasons why professionals, content creators, and gamers are more increasingly turning to ultrawide monitors, but the biggest reasons are the ability to do multitasking work without losing sight, and a more immersive experience. Software developers might find it particularly useful as they can keep track of the code side-by-side, instead of having to go back-and-forth switching the windows and tabs.

So instead of having multiple monitors attached side-by-side, and having a bezel gap between them, or even worse having two different models of monitors with different colors and managing multiple cables, one ultrawide monitor solves all these things, giving a flawless wide real-estate.

Then is it worth going ultrawide? It’s totally worth it, and it’s hard going back after. If you are thinking of jumping in, these are the best monitors on the market in 2020 you should take into consideration.

Samsung CJ791

LG 34WK650-W

Samsung CRG9

Dell U3818DW

Asus ProArt PA34VC

LG 49WL95C-W

LG 49WL95C-W

The 49WL95C is an UltraWide 32:9 Dual QHD (5120x1440) monitor with a doubled 27-inch 16:9 QHD pixel space in one screen. With 70% more pixels compared to 32:9 FHD resolution (3840x1080), you can go beyond multitasking with a multi-format multiplex.

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