You may have to wait a bit longer for the MiniLED iMac Pro

Mahmoud Itani

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You may have to wait a bit longer for the MiniLED iMac Pro

Rumors revolving around the MiniLED iMac Pro have been surfacing for a while now. We were expecting the anticipated Apple desktop computer to launch around Spring. The company has held Spring events before — during which it revealed new Mac models, such as the redesigned M1 iMac. Ross Young — CEO of DSCC — has shared the latest rumor on Twitter. He is a reliable leaker when it comes to displays, and he believes that the upcoming iMac Pro might be revealed in Summer 2022 — instead of Spring.

As we reported in today’s DSCC Weekly, we no longer expect the Apple iMac Pro to launch in the spring. Looks more like summer. Still with a MiniLED backlight, but fewer MiniLEDs/zones than in iPad/MacBook Pro’s.

— Ross Young (@DSCCRoss) January 31, 2022

Ross Young tweeted earlier that the upcoming MiniLED iMac Pro is no longer expected to launch in Spring. Young suggests that Apple may release it in August or September instead, after the panels ship around June. This potential delay doesn’t surprise as at all, as the COVID-19 pandemic has been causing similar timeline pushes for the past two years or so. Not only is it affecting hardware ETAs, but it’s also impacting software releases.

For example, Universal Control was first scheduled for Fall 2021 during the macOS Monterey announcement. Apple then pushed its release until Spring 2022. The feature is now live and functional in the first betas of macOS 12.3 and iPadOS 15.4 — so another delay is unlikely at this point, unless Apple discovers major bugs.

Apart from the MiniLED iMac Pro, we are also expecting the Cupertino tech giant to release other Mac models this year. These Macs could potentially include a redesigned MacBook Air and a Mac Mini. It’s still unclear when and if we will get to officially see them, though.

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