Vodafone Curve - a brilliant little GPS tracker

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We can all lose or misplace objects once in a while. Perhaps one of your precious objects, such as a set of keys, gets trapped between your cushions. Perhaps your pet runs off with one of your objects and stashes it in one of its secret spots. Or perhaps a prized possession of yours, such as a car, gets stolen. In all of these situations, you’d probably wish you had some way to track the object… well, now you can.

Vodafone has launched an incredibly small, sleek, and feature-heavy GPS tracker called Curve, which is being pegged as “the champion of finding.” No bigger than a house key, this GPS tracker is extremely reasonable, so you can attach it to all of your precious objects to ensure you never lose or misplace them. Vodafone Curve comes with an inbuilt SIM that facilitates online tracking and sends updates to your phone.

Furthermore, Vodafone Curve has a waterproof rating of IP67, i.e., it can withstand immersion in freshwater to a depth of a metre for up to 30 minutes. And it has an extremely durable and long-lasting battery that will give you plenty of time to track the necessary objects. It’s the smartest finder for everyday life, however you live it. Below, we highlight all of Vodafone Curve’s unique features and capabilities.

Beep to Find

Curve uses Bluetooth to locate objects in close range, such as bags, keys, or remote controls lost indoors. If you’re within 15 metres of Curve, you can use your phone to make it beep and track that sound to the lost object. The “Beep to Find” feature in the Vodafone Smart App allows you to track down and locate any objects that might be within 15 metres for you.

However, it’s worth emphasizing that the Beep to Find feature only activates when you’re within 15 metres, and the frequency of the beeping increases based on proximity. As you get closer to the object, the beeping will speed up with increments of every five metres, allowing you to gauge the proximal location of the object. This feature is ideal for locating misplaced objects within your home.

Multi-User Functionality

Using the Vodafone Smart App, you can add numerous guests to your profile, allowing others to share your Curve. This feature is especially suitable for different members of a household, car sharers, and dog parents. You can establish Zones and individual notification preferences that different members can also access, ensuring everyone keeps track of the chosen objects.

When you add guests to the Vodafone Smart App, you’ll need to enter their phone numbers or give the app access to your contacts. You can only add guests belonging to the same country as you — UK residents can only share Curve with other UK residents. Furthermore, your guests will have the same access, and they’ll also be able to use your tracking modes, notifications, and zones.

Live Locations

Curve comes with an inbuilt SIM, making it ideal for long-distance GPS tracking. As long as Curve is active and in an area with Vodafone network coverage and GPS signal, you’ll be able to track it down. Naturally, you’ll need a connectivity subscription for this feature. You can track Curve’s live location on your Vodafone Smart App, following it where it goes. This feature is ideal for tracking a moving object.

Share Locations

If Curve’s location is stationary, you can also gather its coordinates through Apple or Google Maps and share them with others over email, SMS, WhatsApp, etc. However, Curve isn’t connected to Apple or Google Maps, so you’ll only receive the location at the moment when you captured the coordinates. For live tracking, you’ll need to use the Vodafone Smart App. This feature is ideal for sharing a lost item’s location with someone who might be closer.

Summary of Features

  • Built-in Smart SIM for unlimited tracking in over 90+ countries
  • Location tech suitable for all environments with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Cellular, and GPS
  • Find lost and misplaced objects
  • Long-lasting battery
  • IP67 water-resistant rating
  • Works with the Vodafone Smart App
  • Extremely small size

Vodafone Curve truly lives up to the title “champion of finding.” Whether you’re looking for misplaced objects within a 15-metre radius or lost objects far away, you can use Curve’s Bluetooth or GPS tracking features to track them down.

If all these features sound like they could help you out in your day-to-day, be sure to pick up a Vodafone Curve for yourself now!

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