TP-Link already has some Wi-Fi 7 routers for you to buy

Wes Davis

The Verge

TP-Link Wi-Fi 7 routers

The Wi-Fi 7 spec isn’t totally finished yet, but you know TP-Link won’t let a pesky little thing like pending certification stop it, and why should it? Netgear and Asus aren’t. And so, the company is launching its first-ever Wi-Fi 7 routers — a mesh system called the Deco BE85, and a powerful single access point router that looks like a set piece designed for an old sci-fi show, the TP-Link Archer BE800.

Wi-Fi 7 means you can probably expect a laptop or a phone with a good Wi-Fi 6E or Wi-Fi 7 network card to get over a gigabit throughput wirelessly, possibly way more, particularly if you have a connection to your ISP that’s capable of it, such as those offered in some places by the likes of Google Fiber, AT&T, or Comcast.

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