Tile refreshes Pro, Mate, Slim and Sticker trackers, boosts ranges and adds new finding features

Chris Hall


Tile has introduced new versions of the Tile Pro, Tile Mate, Tile Slim and Tile Sticker, tweaking the designs and boosting the range on some devices.

Despite the ingress of Apple and Samsung into the Bluetooth tracker space over the past 12 months, Tile reports that it's seen a 70 per cent growth in sales over the past 8 months as finding lost devices gets pulled sharply into focus.

With a full range of products, Tile argues that it has a better offering than some obvious rivals: the Tile Pro has been redesigned into a keyfob style, which reflects where most people use it - on keys.


The new design helps it stand apart from the Tile Mate, which sits below it in the family, but both offer handy eyelets so you can attach them to devices, without being asked to then buy an accessory so you can actually attach it to something, like the Apple AirTag.

The Pro offers the longest range - some 120 metres of Bluetooth detection - while the Mate gets 76 metres as does the Tile Slim. Both also have louder volumes to aid detection.

Tile Slim is an interesting device because it is essentially credit card sized so can be slipped into your wallet, while the Tile Sticker moves its button to the side rather than the top in this new iteration, while getting a big bump in volume.

While there's no ultra-wideband in the first run of devices, there will be an ultra-wideband version of the Tile Pro - called Tile Ultra - launching in early 2022 which will add that function, along with augmented reality finding, to help close-range location.

Adding to the selection of features already supported by Tile, there's a new Lost and Found feature.

This takes the form of a QR code on the rear of the Pro, Mate and Slim devices, which enables anyone with a smartphone to scan the code and be taken to a page with contact details - meaning those who find Tiles but aren't in the Tile network can still aid with detection.

There's also a Scan and Secure function coming in the future. This is similar to the Apple and Samsung features designed to stop someone tracking you with a Tile - allowing scan for Tiles to see if there's an unrecognised devices that seems to be travelling with you.

All the new devices are available now, with the Tile Pro costing £29.99, the Tile Mate costing £19.99, the Tile Slim at £29.99 and the Tile Sticker £24.99.


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