The world's first home-and-portable battery station, Mango Power Union, is now available on Indiegogo

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In most cases, home energy systems are large and bulky, so they’re not suitable for use on the road or while camping. On the other hand, portable energy systems might be small and convenient to carry, but they don’t pack enough power for your entire home. That means, depending on your needs, you may need to keep one of both for home and travel purposes. But not anymore.

Mango Power Union is the world’s first integrated home-and-portable battery system, capable of offering complete power independence and small enough for use while traveling. This hybrid battery packs a 4.35kW capacity and 19 output ports, making it one of the most versatile and powerful battery systems, capable of charging through portable solar panels.

Now, you might be wondering how that’s possible. Well, to put it simply, Mango Power Union includes two essential components — the upper part is named “Power Move,” and the lower base is named “Power Home.” Out of these, Power Move can be detached and used as an independent portable power station, where Power Home is powerful enough to independently power your home.

Mango Power will be available for purchase from the 23rd of November on Indiegogo. The product is currently available at a super early bird price of $2,799, which is fairly competitive considering its vast potential and capabilities. If you’re looking for a home-and-portable power station, you should consider exploring this product in more detail.

Expandable power from 6.9kWh to 69kWh of capacity

Mango Power offers extremely expandable power and capacity, making it suitable for tailgate power or extreme blackouts that don’t seem to end. Depending on the number of Mango Power’s you can expand its capabilities from 6.9kWh up to 69kWh of capacity. The following is an overview of how its power is calculated:

  • 1 x Mango Power Move: 2.3kWh/ 2.35kW — suitable for road trips, camping, and RVs
  • 1 x Mango Power Union: 6.9kWh/ 4.35kW/ 40A — suitable for emergency use and partial home backup for essential circuits
  • 2 x Mango Power Union: 13.8kWh/ 8.7kW/ 80A — suitable for more emergency power and partial house backup for essential circuits
  • 3 x Mango Power Union: 20.7kWh/ 13.05kW/ 120A — suitable for regular use and whole-home backup for all the circuits
  • 10 x Mango Power Union: 69kWh/ 43.5kW/ 400A — suitable for complete power independence and whole-house backup for all the circuits

Combining home and portable use

Mango Power Union is the company’s flagship home-and-portable power station product. This is a modular power station with a large home base (Power Home) and a smaller detachable unit (Power Move). As such, this one purchase can solve your emergency backup requirements at home and while traveling, making it ideal for households that go on regular road trips and camping.

The Power Move device comes with 2,000 watts of power and 2,300-watt-hours of capacity. When it’s attached to Power Home, the resulting product is called Power Union, and it’s currently one of the most powerful home power stations on the market. When combined, you can easily power large kitchens, heating, air conditioners, and refrigerators with this power station for extended periods.

Track energy performance with the smartphone app

Mango Power Union comes with a smartphone app for iOS and Android devices. The app provides a wide range of essential power information, including the available power, the charging rate, the temperature, and the charging mode. You can also compare your household’s sustainability with other users of the app, thus optimizing your household’s environmental impact footprint. You can also calculate how much you’re saving with solar energy and thus put a real value on your eco-consciousness.

Sleek and attractive design

Most power stations look clunky and ugly — things that you’d want to hide away rather than display openly. However, Mango Power Union has an ultra-sleek and modern design that you’d actively want to display in your home. It looks modern and features light indicators that offer indications about power availability while looking superb.

All things considered, Mango Power Union is an extremely powerful and versatile power station with an intelligent design, essential smartphone features, and broad usage for home use or while traveling. If you act fast, you can get this power station with the super early bird price of only $2,799 through Indiegogo, so you better hurry up before the early bird deal is up!

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