The upcoming Realme GT 2 Pro is among the first devices to receive Google’s Performance class 12 certification

Pranob Mehrotra

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The upcoming Realme GT 2 Pro is among the first devices to receive Google’s Performance class 12 certification

Shortly after Qualcomm unveiled the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip last year, Realme announced that its upcoming Realme GT 2 Pro would be among the first devices to feature the new flagship chipset. At the time, the company didn’t share any details about the device itself. However, a few weeks down the line, Realme revealed its design and highlighted some innovations that would debut with the phone. Last month, the company finally launched the device in the Chinese market. And now, it’s gearing up to bring the phone to other markets.

For the unaware, Realme has already confirmed that it will unveil the Realme GT 2 Pro at the MWC trade show in Barcelona later this month. Ahead of the launch event scheduled for February 28, the company has shared some additional info about the device. According to a recent press release from the company, the Realme GT 2 Pro is among the first batch of smartphones to receive Google’s Performance class 12 certification. If you’re not sure what that means, here’s a brief explainer.

Performance Class 12 certification

In October last year, Google published the Android Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) for Android 12. The CDD outlined new performance classes to help developers easily identify the performance capabilities of an Android device and tweak their apps accordingly. Google also shared minimum requirements for devices to be categorized under these performance classes.

The Performance class for Android 12 (AKA Performance Class 12) requires devices to have:

  • At least 6GB of RAM
  • At least 400dpi and 1080p resolution
  • At least 120MB/s sequential write, 250MB/s sequential read, 10MB/s random write, and 40MB/s random read speeds
  • Must have (at minimum) a 12MP rear camera capable of 4K 30 FPS recording
  • Must have (at minimum) a 4MP front-facing camera capable of 1080p 30 FPS recording

Now that Realme has confirmed that the upcoming Realme GT 2 Pro has received a Performance class 12 certification, we can ensure that it meets all of the requirements mentioned above. The company has further revealed that the Realme GT 2 Pro will feature a 2K AMOLED flat display.

Realme’s new fast charging tech

In a separate press release, Realme has announced that it will debut the world’s fastest fast charging solution alongside the Realme GT 2 Pro later this month. While the company hasn’t shared any specifics, it claims that the new fast charging tech is “ahead of the curve and among the best, when compared to similar devices in the same segment.”

Realme world's fastest charging tech teaser

Since we already know that the Realme GT 2 Pro launched with 65W fast charging support in China, we believe that Realme won’t offer its new fast charging tech on the device. Therefore, we speculate that the company will likely show a prototype featuring the new technology at MWC.

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