The Morning After: Xbox Cloud Gaming will bring game streaming to its consoles

Mat Smith


The Morning After: Xbox Cloud Gaming will bring game streaming to its consoles

Were you ready to be underwhelmed? Microsoft really didn’t have all that much to reveal, it seemed, despite the 90-minute run time. (Thankfully, we’ve shaved it down to an 11-minute highlight reel you can watch here.)

The problem with Xbox’s show was that it was so heavy on developer interviews. There really weren’t many headline announcements, either, besides further expansion of Xbox Cloud Gaming — more on that below. Wringing the gaming news towel dry, Psychonauts 2 got a new launch trailer, and we got a better look at the Xbox-bound version of Microsoft Flight Simulator and some shiny vehicles for Forza Horizon 5.

I guess we go back to playing Hades on our Xboxes for now.

— Mat Smith

Peloton's newer, safer Tread will be available to buy on August 30th

Its cheaper treadmill is back.


Peloton Tread



Last year, Peloton introduced its new lower-cost Peloton Tread to the market, which was around $1,800 cheaper than the original Tread+ ($4,295). However, the company had to recall both its treadmills after reports of several injuries and one fatality. The Tread had to be recalled because its touchscreen console could detach and fall.

There are, of course, improved safety features, including Tread Lock, a mandatory four-digit digital passcode to stop children from activating the treadmill. Tread Lock will be available for both All-Access members as well as those without. There’s also a physical safety key that a runner can pull to quickly stop during a class.

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Xbox Cloud Gaming will bring streaming games to its consoles

Just in time for 'Halo Infinite.'

Starting this holiday season, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will have access to cloud gaming on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One consoles. It could be a huge deal as you'll be able to fire up more than 100 games without having to download them at all. At some point in the future, Xbox One owners will be able to play some Series X/S games through the cloud, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator. Naturally, you won’t get the full next-gen experience on last-gen consoles, but Microsoft is targeting 1080p gameplay at 60 frames per second.

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Pint-sized 'Pac-Man' and 'PAW Patrol' arcade machines for kids are on the way

The Arcade1Up Jr. machines each feature a trio of games.


Arcade1Up Jr. Pac-Man and PAW Patrol arcade machines



Arcade1Up’s latest arcade cabinets are aimed at a younger crowd. Much younger. The first two machines in the Arcade1Up Jr. line center around the Pac-Man and PAW Patrol franchises. The former includes a trio of arcade classics: Pac-Man, Galaga and Dig Dug. The PAW Patrol system also features three games: Chase is in a Race, PAW Patrol Off Duty and PAW Patrol Pups on the Go! Prices will start at $280.

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‘Destiny 2’ The Witch Queen expansion heads to PC and consoles on February 22nd, 2022

It’s the fourth expansion for ‘Destiny 2’.

Bungie’s new expansion will have players facing off against the long-teased witch queen. There will be new crafting mechanics — which you’ll need to make new custom weapons and mods. The expansion was first expected to land earlier this year, but as the headline says, the new release date is currently early 2022.

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[Sorry I missed your 30th birthday, Super NES](

My unhealthy obsession with Nintendo's finest enters a fourth decade.


Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Nathan Ingraham / Engadget


The SNES wasn’t Nathan Ingraham’s first console. Like many kids of the ‘80s, he started with the NES. But that system never quite felt like his. But the Super NES, that console was his. After saving his allowance, finally, at some point in 1992, he had the console, two controllers and Super Mario World. And he never looked back.

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[The best student discounts we found for 2021](

And the best gaming laptops for students.

Today’s Back to School guide features the best discounts for students. Like Amazon Prime, for $60 a year if you’re in college, with everything the regular package offers. Apple, meanwhile, will throw in free AirPods when you buy selected Macs or iPads to embark upon your educational dreams. On the laptop front, we’ve also scrubbed through the [best gaming laptops]( for the most affordable machines we could find.

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