Tempo’s simplified smart home gym uses an iPhone to track your workouts

Jon Porter

The Verge

Dock an iPhone into the Tempo Move and it’ll output workouts to a connected TV. | Image: Tempo

Tempo, the smart home gym that uses computer vision to track your workouts and offer guidance in real time, has gone on a diet. Today it’s launching the Tempo Move, a new home workout setup that ditches the original’s 42-inch touchscreen with Microsoft’s Azure Kinect sensors built in, in favor of using existing TVs combined with the sensors built into the iPhone XS / XR and up.

It means that the Tempo Move’s setup is slimmed down compared to the original Tempo Studio, but there’s still a lot of hardware here. At the center is what Tempo’s calling the “Core,” which is effectively an iPhone dock that can connect to a TV via HDMI. The kit also comes with a storage unit containing “smart weights” including plates and dumbbells. With a...

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