Sony opens PS5 order registration

Max Freeman-Mills


Sony's PlayStation Direct store has been selling the PlayStation 5 in batches since the console first released back in late 2020, although those batches haven't been big enough to stop the abiding feeling being that the console is still pretty difficult to get hold of.

Still, when the opportunity to use Sony's own service rolls around, it's worth trying your hand, to avoid the annoying scalpers and expensive bundles that are sometimes the only way to get one delivered to you from either the second-hand market or some of the bigger gaming retailers.

Right now, PlayStation Direct is taking registrations for a new wave of PS5 stock, for customers in any of the US, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

All you have to do is sign in using your PlayStation Network ID (the account you'll log into your console on, should you get it), and you'll be entered into what is essentially a lottery draw for the chance to pay for a PS5.

If you're successful, you'll find out via email and be given instructions on how to actually check out and order the console. While that might sound a little chancey, it's still miles better than sitting on Twitter waiting for stock updates before rushing to a retail site that's already crashed under the demand, if you're asking us.

PlayStation Direct has been in place in the US for a while, but is a recent arrival in the UK, so this is a good opportunity to try it out, and once you're registered it should be easier to put your name in the hat for later waves of stock.

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