Segway Fixed The Biggest Issue with Robot Lawn Mowers

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Segway robot lawnmower


Segway, the personal transport company, is moving into lawn care. The Navimow is the brand’s first smart lawn mower, and it looks to fix one of the biggest issues in robot lawn care. The Segway Navimow will use GPS to navigate your lawn rather than boundary cables and other wires.

For those unaware, robot lawn mowers exist, and they’re not that great. Most of them require some sort of boundary cable or underground wire, and even then, they don’t work very well. What separates the Segway from the competition is you won’t need any of that. It’s like a Roomba for your yard.

Navimov’s competitive edge is that it uses what the company is calling an “Exact Fusion Locating System,” which is basically GPS. This new system will allow for “precise positions and systematic mowing patterns” to keep your yard looking the best in the neighborhood while you sit on the couch and watch football.

Better yet, as you can see from the video above, the Navimow uses smart algorithms to mow a perfect pattern, that way, you don’t have lines or crisscrosses in your yard.

If the Navimow loses its GPS signal for whatever reason, Segway ensures it’ll still get the job done thanks to the device’s array of sensors and saved data. Furthermore, you can tell Navimow where to mow, set specific boundaries, and even place off-limits areas like a garden.

The Segway Navimow has five dedicated safety sensors if it gets tipped over or if pets and children get too close. It can even detect rain and automatically head back to its charging station. And when the battery gets low, it’ll go charge up, then continue right where it left off once it’s ready to go.

During the announcement, Segway said it’ll release four versions of its mower. The Navimow H500E is for lawns with an area of up to 5,400 square feet and will cost around $1,400, which certainly isn’t cheap. The other three models have a larger battery capacity to support bigger lawns, 4G support, and built-in GPS anti-theft tools.

Unfortunately, while these look like capable albeit expensive robot lawn mowers, the company hasn’t announced any US launch details yet. So, for now, you can learn more at the Segway website.

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