Samsung’s Repair Mode will keep your data safe by hiding it from repair technicians

Timi Cantisano

XDA Developers

Samsung’s Repair Mode will keep your data safe by hiding it from repair technicians

Samsung will release an update for the Galaxy S21 series that will allow users to safeguard their data when sent in for repair. The new ‘Repair Mode’ will retain sensitive information on the phone but will lock it out, making it inaccessible to technicians.

Samsung’s Repair Mode will allow users to selectively block off data when sending a phone in for repair. This will allow the technicians access to phones but at the same time gives users peace of mind. This mode can not only be handy for repairs sent to Samsung but it can be used even when having your device serviced by a third-party repair shop.

Samsung Repair Mode

Repair Mode can be enabled by heading into the Settings menu and then going into the Battery and Device Care section. Once the mode is enabled, the phone will reboot, blocking access to important and personal information. In Repair Mode, the phone will still retain access to all stock applications. So, in essence, it will look like it was reset back to its factory state.

Once the repair is complete, the owner of the device can regain access to the data by either using their PIN number or fingerprint. As mentioned previously, Samsung intends to offer the new mode for the Galaxy S21 first, and then it will expand it to other devices in the future. This feature comes as no surprise, as Samsung has previously released apps like Knox and Knox Vault that aim to protect a user’s security and privacy.

Repair Mode seems like a great idea, and it could change the way repairs are performed going forward. But currently, many companies request that data be backed up, and the phone wiped to factory settings before getting it serviced. Samsung’s own instructions also currently state this. So while this process might not change overnight, it is certainly a move in the right direction.

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