Samsung To Develop Custom Mobile SoC To Compete Against Qualcomm, Apple; May Drop Exynos Branding Completely

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Samsung To Develop Custom Mobile SoC To Compete Against Qualcomm, Apple; May Drop Exynos Branding Completely

Samsung exclusively using the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for its Galaxy S23 series is sufficient evidence that the company’s mobile chipset division is in tatters. Not wanting to get left behind in the race against Qualcomm and Apple, the Korean giant is rumored to have set up a custom SoC development team for this very purpose.

The first custom solution from Samsung may not appear until 2025, but rumor does not state if ARM’s architecture will continue to be used

With Qualcomm Oryon set to debut in 2024 and Apple at the top of the rankings thanks to its powerful and efficient A-series silicon, The Elec reports that Samsung also plans to maintain a healthy level of competition. According to the latest information, the company has formed a team that is solely dedicated to developing a custom mobile SoC, though the official name has not been disclosed.

This suggests that Samsung may drop the Exynos branding altogether, but it is yet to be confirmed if ARM’s Cortex cores will still be a part of the new SoC cluster. Regardless, the new division is said to be led by Executive Vice President Choi Won-joon, who was also named the head of Samsung’s MX Development during the firm’s annual reorganization process.

Samsung Exynoss 2300 Chip in Galaxy S23

Samsung Exynos

Samsung was earlier rumored to have partnered with Google and AMD’s Radeon teams for the development of a new mobile chipset, but it is not confirmed if this team is dedicated for a flagship Exynos launch or the unnamed SoC. What we feel is that this custom solution will likely launch exclusively for a future Galaxy S lineup, with Samsung earlier rumored to complete its design by 2023, with an unveiling possibly happening in 2025.

Of course, it is not as simple as is sounds, as there are massive obstacles that need to be scaled in order to make a capable chipset, starting with Samsung’s Foundry business, which also needs to be improved thoroughly. We will continue to update our readers on the company’s plans, so stay tuned for more.

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