Samsung Could Bring Its Foldable Display Tech to a Laptop

Andrew Heinzman

Review Geek

A photo of Samsung's concept foldable display laptop.


Why stop with foldable phones? As Samsung’s foldable display tech becomes more reliable, it’s only natural for the company to come up with more foldable devices, including a rumored Galaxy Book Fold laptop.

News of the laptop with a foldable display comes from Ice Universe, a well-known leaker who shared an image of a “Galaxy Book Fold 17” logo on Twitter. This logo seems to have been ripped from Samsung’s website, though Ice Universe hasn’t shared its exact source.

Normally, a leaked image of a product’s logo wouldn’t mean that much, even from a seasoned leaker. But Samsung showed off a few concept foldables in a May 2021 advertisement, and one product in this showcase was a 17-inch laptop with a big foldable display in place of the usual screen + keyboard configuration.

There’s a small chance that the concept laptop from this showcase, which starts as a tablet and folds into a laptop form factor, is an actual product. But fancy novelty laptops tend to do quite poorly, especially when they don’t have built-in keyboards. Perhaps the Galaxy Book Fold 17 is an Android tablet and not a laptop? Or maybe it doesn’t exist at all?

We’ll just have to wait and find out. In the meantime, we’re stuck with novelty laptops like the ASUS ZenBook Duo.

Source: Ice Universe via XDA Developers

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