Rivian Shows off It’s EV Truck Fording Deep Waters

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Rivian R1T truck in water


While customers eagerly await the release of the twice-delayed Rivian R1T electric pickup truck, the company’s CEO continues to drop teaser videos on Twitter. Over the weekend, Rivian’s CEO, RJ Scaringe, released a short clip showing the EV truck wading through deep waters, which is pretty impressive.

The tweet didn’t have any additional information about the setup or depth of the water. However, judging by the video, it’s at least 3ft deep, as it reaches the headlight bar and at times almost extends over the top of the hood. For what it’s worth, Rivian’s website indicates a fording depth of 3+ feet.

Our engineers going for a quick dip! pic.twitter.com/1FYukLXXZl

— RJ Scaringe (@RJScaringe) August 29, 2021

Our engineers going for a quick dip!” — RJ Scaringe. 

Obviously, we all know that water and electricity don’t play nice together, but getting wet is something this adventure vehicle will have to do. Furthermore, water crossings such as this happen occasionally while camping, offroading, or Overlanding.

This is impressive because most gas cars cannot do this, as once submerged, the engine doesn’t get oxygen. Even those “snorkels” on most Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro pickups are only desert air intakes and not designed to increase water fording capabilities.

Unlike internal combustion engines, EV battery packs and powertrains can be completely sealed from the elements and water. So we’re assuming Rivian’s R1T has a sealed battery, drivetrain components, and more, making it truly an “adventure vehicle,” as the company suggests.

The Rivian R1T will begin shipping in September and starts at $73,000.

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