Redshift’s Arclight LED Pedals Aim to Make Cyclists More Visible

Cory Gunther

Review Geek

RedShift Arclight pedals


Any cyclist knows, especially commuters, that being visible to cars is important for safety. And while post-mounted lights are nice, the company Redshift wants to help make cyclists even more visible. The company just debuted its new Arclight LED pedals on Kickstarter, and it looks promising.

According to Redshift, studies show its LED pedals make cyclists 57% safer than a flashing light fixed to the seat post or handlebars thanks to the motion of pedaling instantly grabbing a driver’s attention, not to mention it helps associate the light as coming from the pedaling motion of a cyclist.

Essentially, Arclight’s LED-illuminated flashing pedals make riders drastically more visible to cars than other options on the market. Not only are they visible from a full 360 degrees, but they feature three different light modes and are bright enough to catch people’s attention during daylight, dusk, or dark. Here’s a quick video giving you an idea of what to expect.

Both the LED light bars and Arclight pedals are made from rugged aluminum. The lights slide securely in place from the side, using magnets and a USB port, which means they’re easy to remove and recharge. As for battery life, Redshift says they’ll last about 36 hours per charge.

Each pedal has two lightbars, one for the front and the back. Better yet, using Smartset technology, the pedals know which LED light bar is at the front or the back. As a result, it instantly turns the front to white and red on the rear. Arclight pedals turn on automatically as you pedal, so there’s no fumbling with on/off switches.

The company also mentions that they’re easy to remove, weatherproof, and recharge quickly with any standard USB port. Each pedal is quite large, almost like a mountain bike pedal, and has raised edges for improved grip. For now, it only comes in a flat pedal variant, but it looks like Redshift plans on offering a clipless version soon.

The Redshift Arclight LED pedals will retail for $130. The kit comes with two pedals, four LED light bars and a 4-port charging station. However, for a limited time, you can pre-order on Kickstarter for only $89.

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