Realme GT Neo 3 recharges to 50% in just 5 minutes - is this the world's fastest-charging phone?

Mike Lowe


Realme GT Neo 3 recharges to 50% in just 5 minutes - is this the world's fastest-charging phone?

It's Mobile World Congress time, which means smartphone announcements aplenty, but it's actually Realme's new UltraDart Charging technology that's left us slack-jawed.

Why so? Because the forthcoming Realme GT Neo 3 will feature a 150W system that can recharge its battery from zero to 50 per cent in just five minutes. That's ridiculously quick.

It's not a trick either. Sure, the GT Neo 3 could feature a tiny battery capacity to aid with its ultra-fast claims, but that won't be the case. We've already seen 120W charging in the likes of Xiaomi devices since 2020, while Oppo offers 125W, so stepping things up a notch is the next logical step.

How fast can we charge? We aim to achieve greater heights with realme UDCA! RT & Comment with your dream score below ___W, and we'll see who got it right! #GreaterThanYouSee

— realme (@realmeglobal) February 21, 2022

Ahead of MWC 2022 the brand had teased that its 'UDCA' technology was coming (see above embedded Tweet) but wasn't expansive on what this meant. UCDA stands for UltraDart Charging Architecture, which Realme claims is "the world's first 100W - 200W smart devices charging architecture". Sounds like there's even more room left in the tank for the next step beyond 150W too.

But isn't such fast-charging detrimental to battery health? While typically the case, Realme says UCDA implements various protocols to ensure "speed, safety and battery life". Speed via "Multi Boost Charge Pumps to increase the charging current"; safety by maintaining temperature to 43°C or below; life by using "industry-leading batteries" that retain 80 per cent capacity beyond 1000 charge cycles.

We're certainly keen to see the Realme GT Neo 3's 150W UltraDart Charging in action. If it's as good as it sounds then battery anxiety will certainly be a thing of the past.

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