PS5 Pro could launch as early as 2023

Rik Henderson


PS5 Pro could launch as early as 2023

Rumours of an update to the PlayStation 5 are ramping up, with a PS5 Pro model said to be in Sony's plans.

What's more, the latest report claims it could even be launched next year, with PlayStation allegedly looking to bridge the power divide between the PS5 and Xbox Series X, even exceed it.

The RedGamingTech YouTube channel claims that it has heard from sources that a PS5 pro is indeed in the works and that Sony is targeting a late-2023 release date. If that slips, it will be early-2024, it says.

That actually makes sense. It matches the release gap between the initial PS4 and beefed-up PS4 Pro - three years, give or take - and allows for the current chip shortage issues to abate.

There's also a good argument to be had for the need of a Pro model PlayStation 5. While excellent, the existing PS5 does have a slight GPU disadvantage - 10.3 TFLOPS over 36 CUs in comparison with 12 TFLOPS over 52 CUs. And, that often results in resolution disparities between the two consoles when it comes to the same games.

The much-lauded ray tracing support has also failed to be as exciting as previously expected, with most games to offer an RT option only doing so at the cost of resolution and/or frame rate.

Then there is the 8K support PlayStation originally talked about (Xbox too, to be fair). It sounded like a pipe dream back then and even more so now.

All of these things (apart from 8K, most likely) could be addressed by a PS5 Pro and we're sure it'll be a big success amongst power gamers.

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