Pre-Order the LEGO Batmobile Tumbler Today and Become the Dark Knight

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LEGO Batmobile Tumbler


Over the years, the Batmobile has had several iconic designs. And while we love the 1989 LEGO Batmobile, today LEGO opened pre-orders for two more batmobile sets, including the famous Dark Knight Tumbler.

The LEGO DC Batmobile Tumber will test your construction skills with 2049 bricks and comes complete with an opening roof that gives you access to the driver seat. A seat that you can put Batman or the Joker in, as you get both from this set.

batman and joker LEGO


As you can see, this crimefighting machine is packed full of armor, and you’ll love the nice display stand that comes with this piece of cinema history. The LEGO Batmobile Tumbler is 17-inches long, 9-inches wide, and over 6-inches tall, meaning it’ll take up just the right amount of space on your LEGO shelf. Plus, it combines easily with other LEGO DC sets.

Better yet, this iconic Tumbler costs less than the 1989 LEGO set, and pre-orders are available today for $229. Unfortunately, it won’t ship until November 1st. The only thing that would make it better is a little Harley Quinn figurine holding a baseball bat.

If you’re looking to complete your LEGO DC Batman set with something a little more affordable, LEGO also released a smaller Batmobile Tumbler Scarecrow Showdown version for $39.99, which is also available for pre-order starting today.

LEGO DC Batmobile Tumbler Scarecrow


The Scarecrow Tumbler is only 7.5-inches long and comes with just over 400 LEGO bricks, but it still looks awesome. The smaller Scarecrow Showdown ships a month earlier than the bigger model and hits shelves starting October 1st. Either way, head to the link below and pre-order yours today.

LEGO DC Batmobile Tumbler


LEGO DC Batmobile Tumbler

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Pre-order the iconic Batmobile Tumbler today and own a piece of cinema history for $229.


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