Porotech Unlocks A World First In Micro-LED Dynamic Pixel Tuning



Porotech Unlocks A World First In Micro-LED Dynamic Pixel Tuning

Porotech, a pioneer in micro-LED and GaN-based semiconductor material technology, will be unveiling DynamicPixelTuning on its PoroGaN microdisplay platform at the Display Week event in California next week. The breakthrough makes it possible to create full-colour or tuneable-colour displays using identical pixels from a single wafer - achieving colour uniformity, while eliminating complex fabrication processes. The innovation is set to accelerate the commercialisation of micro-LEDs, mini-LEDs and LEDs to deliver next-generation display products for AR/MR/VR applications, smart wearable devices, smart displays and large-scale direct view displays.

Porotech is the first in the world to unlock dynamic colour tuning of LED chips and pixels. Its PoroGaN platform makes it possible for each individual tiny LED on an epiwafer to emit all colours of the visible spectrum. At this stage, the Porotech proof-of-concept displays are tuneable monocolour, with uniform brightness and colour for display products in the micro (µm) and nano (nm) pixel space. But the company's proprietary PoroGaN platform and Dynamic Pixel technology are paving the way to a monolithic full-colour RGB display very soon.

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