Pixel Fold Gets A Closer Look In The Latest Google X NBA Ad, Showing Its Wider Front Screen, Camera Features, And More

Omar Sohail


Pixel Fold

The Google I/O 2023 keynote will start in a few hours, but before that, the Pixel Fold became the center of attention in the latest ad that features some NBA stars. The device’s hardware and software features are clearly marketed in the latest video, so check it out while we talk about all the relevant details.

The hinge of the Pixel Fold is shown to be sturdy, the handset can be opened at a 90-degree angle, and voice commands allow users to take a selfie

The ad might have been uploaded earlier than Google may have wanted, but it runs for 157 seconds, showing some close-up shows of the Pixel Fold, revealing its design and camera layout. While the company announced its foldable flagship a few days ago, the major details were not provided, but at least we got to take a gander at some of the features that would be present in the upcoming handset in the ad.

For instance, the hinge can allow the Pixel Fold to be opened at a 90-degree angle, and using voice commands, you can take a selfie from a distance if you have a group of people around you. The video does not provide any specifications of the device, though we have talked about that information in previous reports, such as the Pixel Fold sporting a 7.6-inch inner display and a 5.8-inch outer panel. Both displays are OLED and support a 120Hz refresh rate.

Google Pixel Fold

Google’s Magic Eraser can be used to remove images from the subject, though the company states that it will not work with all objects

More features shown in the ad reveal a Google Meet call with NBA player Giannis Antetokounmpo, and the interface switches from the external display to the inner one. When taking a selfie from the main rear sensor, the Google Camera viewfinder appears on the outer display, making it easier to see what you are capturing.

If you watch the ad real slow, you too, will be able to see some of the Pixel Fold features being talked about here. Google’s first attempt to release a foldable handset might be better compared to Samsung’s, but we will see how the smartphone holds up to long-term use. For now, we will wait for the official announcement to kick off, and we will update our readers on what comes next, so stay tuned.

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