Peloton will finally start selling Peloton Bike on Amazon

Maggie Tillman


Peloton will finally start selling Peloton Bike on Amazon

The fitness company, which sells smart exercise bikes and other workout equipment, has long limited the ability to buy its products to its website and showrooms. While that worked well for Peloton during the pandemic, when people were stuck at home and looking for a way to stay fit, as they could just go to Peloton's site, checkout, and get a bike delivered right to their door. But, in the past year it's been struggling with declining sales, likely because its potential customer base is returning to life as normal (read: they're going back to the gym). Now, CNBC is reporting Peloton will expand where folks can buy its products.

Peloton plans to sell a selection of fitness equipment, apparel, and merchandise on Amazon in the US. Any fitness equipment ordered on Amazon will also include free delivery and assembly, which is what it offers buyers who checkout on Peloton’s website. "We want to make it as easy as possible to get a Peloton", Peloton COO Kevin Cornils told CNBC in an interview. Keep in mind Peloton also offers a bike rental plan to those who buy on its website.

On Amazon, you will be able to buy the original Bike, which retails for $1,445. Peloton will also sell its strength product, the $295 Peloton Guide. Excluded products include the Bike+ and Tread treadmill machine.

Earlier this year, the Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon had been in talks with Peloton to potentially acquire Peloton. The company's bike and subscription sales are nothing like they once were, and it recently had to cut 780 jobs. It also shut down retail locations, stop manufacturing its own bikes, increased the prices of some products, and shifted last-mile delivery logistics to a third-party company rather than continue to do it on its own.

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