Transcription Service Expands Beyond Zoom so You Can Skip All Your Meetings

Andrew Heinzman

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If you spend your workday jumping through Zoom calls, there’s a decent chance that you’ve heard of the automatic transcription service. But while is useful for logging meetings (even those that you can’t attend), its limited compatibility has made it a poor option for people who use multiple video chat services. That changes today, as now works with Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco Webex.

Some of these video chat services already have built-in transcription tools, and depending on your profession, you may have a manager or coworker who shares notes after every video meeting. But comes with several benefits—its sharable transcripts work automatically, even when you can’t attend a meeting, and are easy to edit when you want to highlight important moments or add in some photos.

And now that works with Teams, Meet, and Cisco Webex, it’s one of the best (if not the only) all-in-one transcription and note-taking tool that works across all of your video services. Whether you’re using Meet to talk to coworkers or Zoom to communicate with people outside your company, the service will work for you.

Anyone can use for free, though you may want to pay $8.33 a month for the “Pro” plan, which unlocks advanced search tools, the ability to transcribe pre-recorded files, and the option to add custom vocabulary (so the AI won’t mistake business lingo for common words). also offers a $20 per month “Business” plan with live notes and captions for Zoom, plus the ability to use two-factor authentication (a feature that should be free, in our opinion).


]( "") can automatically transcribe Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco Webex video meetings, even when you’re not in attendance. Sign up now for free or subscribe for extra features.

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Source: via The Verge

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