New LEGO Home Wooden Collection Arrives to Take Over Your Walls

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LEGO home wooden copenhagen

Room Copenhagen, LEGO

Room Copenhagen and LEGO have teamed up this week and released an all-new LEGO Home Wooden Collection to help fans up their LEGO game. While Copenhagen is mostly known for its LEGO-branded storage products, this release has them kicking things up a notch with LEGO home decorations made of wood.

The LEGO Home Wooden Collection includes beautiful bricks made entirely out of oak wood. The collection includes LEGO storage bricks, photo frames, shelving units, wall hangers, and storage bins in several styles. These look like a LEGO, only super-sized, and made of wood in a lighter and dark stained variant.

LEGO home wooden collection


Each product is made from FSC Certified oak wood, and as you can see from the images, they look awesome. Being able to deck out an office or LEGO room with shelves to display your favorite LEGO, only on a LEGO wood shelf, brings fandom to an entirely new level.

The shelving units look great, and with the picture frames having LEGO bricks built-in, you can stack them together or mount them to the wall separately to show off the LEGO pieces. We really like how each stud has the LEGO logo, which is a nice touch.

Unfortunately, the exact release date and pricing remain unknown, but we’ll update once we know more. However, given how expensive the plastic versions are, we’re expecting a pretty penny for the new LEGO Home Wooden Collection. We’re also unsure if they’ll work with Room Copenhagen’s current plastic home decor, as they offer similar products that aren’t made of wood.

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